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Lakeside Prep Academy, LLC  & Mind Changing Solutions, PLLC  After School Program 

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                                                                           Program Structure 

 Lakeside Preparatory Academy LLC, & Mind Changing Solutions PLLC, together are offering   after school programs for school aged children. This is not your traditional program, our staff are led by Licensed Therapist, who has designed our curriculum using Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to teach students behavioral skills daily, as well as   educational advancement. We will assist our student with growing academically, as well  as socially, and emotionally. 

We offer a year round therapeutic environment for children ages 4-18. We provide a safe, supportive, structured therapeutic environment during out of school periods. Children have the opportunity to work with a Licensed Clinical Therapist on their mental health and behavioral challenges. This allows for students to receive individualized attention to extinguish behavioral concerns. 

When children and adolescents are suffering from mental illness, behavioral health concerns, or substance abuse issues, the treatment they receive to overcome these problems must be introduced in a manner that is different than how it is addressed with adults. Many parents are unable to identify these issues on their own. We support our schools, however, many times students receive consequences for behavior that they do not understand, and cannot control on their own, so the patterns repeat. Our Licensed staff is able to observe the behavior and identify the source. Parents are educated and gain more insight on their child. The therapeutic interventions that are used when treating children and adolescents must meet them where they are at developmentally. 


About After School 

Enrollment Fee and Cost 

$10 one time enrollment fee per student. Enroll now!

$35 per week per child 

Financial Assistance available through the ABC Program Click here for more information 


Hours of Operation


School Bell- 6:00 pm


Located between Clover and RockHill, SC  off Charlotte Highway at 1195 Hands Mill Rd, Rockhill, SC 29732

More Information 

Students are picked up from school and transported to the program. 








Mental Health Enrichment 

Free Play Social Enrichment

ONLY $35 Per week Per Child             $10 one time enrollment fee   

After School Payments

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