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Lakeside Preparatory Academy, LLC is an online college preparatory academy Founded by Chance and Erica McNeil.  We provide online learning only, we are not a traditional K-12 nor are we a college. We provide supplemental learning through the Khan Academy. Our mission is a combined partnership with families and community incorporating mental health wellness to provide a positive, student-centered education that balances academic excellence with physical, social and emotional well-being using a student-centered goal-oriented approach.  

Lakeside is entering into it's 4th year of serving students, we are launching new programs. We are not a traditional K-12 school nor are we a college. LSP and its affiliates including, trainers, and educators have been operating for over 20 years with a successful history of assisting students with becoming eligible for college. 


College Prep 

Men's Post Graduate Basketball 

Women's Post-Graduate Basketball 


Women's Tennis

Check out our social media post below to see what we're up to!

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