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       We Offer

*High School/College Courses 

* To Boost GPA

* SAT/ACT Prep


* NCAA Clearing House



* Division 1  Training

* College  Scouts   

  and Recruits


* Academic and Athletic



We are an online program. We work with athletes who recently graduated high school, as well as high school students, to help them become eligible for college. We improve students academically. We also provide elite athletic training to enhance our students abilities. We provide opportunities for students to earn full athletic scholarships to programs of their choosing. We do not guarantee scholarships, but we do have a success rate of over 70%. Enroll now to take another step closer to your goals!



Step 1. Complete the enrollment application 

Step 2. You will be contacted by an enrollment specialist who will submit your information to our recruiting team and to our academic specialist for a transcript review. 

Step 3. You will be contacted by our recruiting team and invited to a workout in FortMill, SC, Rockhill, SC  or Lakewylie, SC at one of our facilities where you will be evaluated to determine what areas we can improve. 


Step 4. Once your transcript review and athletic evaluation are complete you will be enrolled in courses and begin your journey with Lakeside Prep Academy.  

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Develop Yourself:
Discover the Rewards of a Lakeside Prep Education


Advance Your Education, Kick Start Your Career


Our students are able to get a jumpstart on their career while attending Lakeside Prep. We educate our students on all aspects of their desired career path.


Internationally Diverse Student Community


Student's attend our education from all parts of the world to learn as one community. Student's learn, grow, and navigate together while attending our Academy.



Be Well Prepared With Lakeside Prep


Many success stories begin at Lakeside Prep. Our students are well prepared for their journey before their journey. Lakeside will support our students before, during, and after their career.  



Our Student-Athletes Receive Top Offers


Our student-athletes, regardless of skill level, are transformed from average to elite. We provide quality education combined with top training with some of the best trainers in their sport.

World Class Trainers and Educators 


Our faculty and trainers completely invests in our Students-Athletes. They are available to assists students with their educational and athletic needs to promote student success.

Improve Your GPA, SAT/ACT Scores


Having better scores will greatly improve your chances of being accepted by colleges. Don't miss out on the opportunity to improve on areas that can drastically impact a universities decision.

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